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Six Tips for Staying Stress Free During the Busy Season

The dog days of summer are upon us, which means many industries are in the thick of their busy season, with technicians working long hours. During this time, it is very important for you and your employees to remain stress-free and prioritize jobs and time for self-care to avoid burnout.

The busy season in your industry often is the most profitable time for your company. This profit is due to an increase in appointments, which can lead to stress for employees. Below are a few simple tips to follow to ease potential stress for you and your employees:

  • Schedule the Right People for the Job: Doing this will help with efficiency and accuracy of job completion. Successware can help with just that by offering a spot in our platform to write notes on your technicians' strengths and skillset. Your dispatchers and schedulers can see who is qualified for the job at hand and select the best person. Sending the most qualified person to a job is a way to ensure the job will be completed correctly and efficiently, limiting the number of callbacks.
  • Take a Break: Ensure your technicians are taking breaks during the workday to refresh and recharge. They should be taking a break around lunchtime, along with some short breaks during the workday. Doing this will help them clear their heads, which will ultimately help with focus and productivity.
  • Communicate Clearly with Customers: It is crucial to make sure you have a good communication plan for your customers when they have an upcoming appointment. You should be sending reminders to your customers of their appointments. Have them confirm their appointment timeslot to help ensure they will be home and ready when your technicians arrive.
  • Provide All Job Details to Technicians: Communicating any necessary job details to your technicians before a customer appointment is very important. If a technician has all the information they need in advance, they can better prepare for advising customers on repair options and ultimately complete the job with ease. Successware Mobile provides your technicians with all the essential job details right at their fingertips directly in the app. They can see current equipment, job history, the reason for the job, and any important notes regarding the job.
  • Don't Overbook Your Last Appointment Time Slot: You should limit any overbookings to your last appointment time slot of the day. Your technicians should be able to finish their jobs during regular business hours so they can get home and get the proper amount of rest and relaxation before their next shift. Successware has a great built-in feature to help with doing this. Our Time Slot Capacity Management feature allows you to set the maximum number of appointments each time slot can accommodate. This will help with overbooking and scheduling.
  • Teach Employees Time Management Skills: If your employees know how to manage their time properly, they will be able to complete more tasks at an efficient pace. Your employees will be able to prioritize tasks for their day better. Time management skills are beneficial in both professional and personal settings.

You and your employees should practice these tips to reduce stress, not just during your busy season but also all year long. It will help you avoid burnout and tackle your next day's appointments and tasks with ease!