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Coming Soon: Successware Connection

Successware Connection: A Seamless Communication Experience

Have you ever wished you could answer calls directly in Successware? And that it would automatically pull up your customer records for current customers, so you did not have to search for them manually? Or that the system could recognize the phone number the customer dialed in and automatically attribute it to the correct lead source?

Well, good news! You will now be able to do all of these things in Successware with Successware Connection, a new addition to our Success Tools family. Successware Connection is coming soon and is our seamless communication experience. It is an omnichannel platform fully integrated into Successware Office and offers inbound and outbound calls through a softphone system, texts, and emails all in the same queue.

With Successware Connection, you will never miss an inbound call or communication from your customers because they will appear in one place, leading to less hold or wait time for your customers. You will also be able to look back on previous customer interaction history to give you a holistic view of your customer and their service needs.

Connection will also feature a robust supervisor dashboard that will show key metrics like service level agreement (SLA) percentage, number of daily calls, queue wait time, conversion rates, and more! These data analytics will be incredibly useful to your business and give you the ability to tailor training for Customer Service Reps (CSRs).

Successware Connection is coming soon! In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding Successware or are interested in becoming a customer, please contact your Account Executive, email us at customerservice@successware.com, or call 888-272-8009.