A Brave New World: Is Social Media Just Facebook?

Is social media just Facebook? I think a lot of us think so… I did. This month I started to dabble a little further off the “beaten path” and discovered that there is more out here in the woods that I was not aware of. I have been spending time poking around in Twitter, Linked In and even here at WordPress and am realizing what an amazing, transformative set of business tools we have at our fingertips (literally).

I think many of us have accepted FaceBook as a tool for communicating with our clients and keeping our name out there. But Twitter serves as a great, non-obtrusive way of getting the “quick hit” message out there in a way. The great thing about Twitter for spreading a message is its true portability for lack of a better word. A couple of folks, forwarding (retweeting) your message has your message to 100 followers showing up on 1000’s of people's cell phone and Twitter pages for even more people to see. Is it any wonder news organizations are using it so often now to break stories?

If you haven’t done so, do a little bit of reading about social media as a tool for marketing your business. The tools are easy to use, free and if they even drive one more sale, one more person calling your company or one more person knowing your company’s name, you’ve done your job.